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15 July 2010 @ 12:00 am
Oh.My.God that is all I can say.
The World Cup ride had been a crazy one.Spain had been crazy.Paul the Octopus had been crazy. Spain started their first game with Switzerland and they lost.freaking.lost. The next day I went to work, I felt nausea and sick. I didn't realized I was that obsess with the team. Facebook is evil and can't believe how fucking annoying people can be. After losing the first match, it was DO OR DIE for Spain.Thank God we managed to survive the group stage by winning the rest of the games and top the group.

Round of 16 - Spain played Portugal and knowing C-Ron, he doesn't usually play well under pressure. I don't know why - maybe the pressure makes him afraid to commit any mistake. David Villa saved us by scoring the only goal at 63'. The highlight of the game was when C- Ron spitting at the cameraman. Well, he didn't exactly spit at the cameraman but the gesture suggested so.

Quarter final - I was still digesting the fact that we made through the group stage and when Spain made it to quarter final, I got scared because the higher you fly, the further you fall. And once again, David Villa stepped up to the game and scored the winning goal at 83'

Semi final - At this point, I already stop thinking. Die Mannschaft had been awesome. The young guns like Mueller, Ozil, Klose, Podolski and Schweinsteiger were ruthless. They thrashed Australia, England and Argentina. And then there was this Paul the Octopus and the old guy predicted that Spain will win against the Germany.*gasp* The crowd was obviously not amused. You see, Paul had been correct in predicting all of Germany's games at earlier stage. When Paul gave such prediction, I think it somehow affected the players mentally. You can its absurd to put your faith/destiny on Squidward Tentacles's relative but sports men are one superstitious species. Germany didn't play like the usual. "They can't play" quoted my hubby. Carles Puyol the awesome number 5 came to the rescue at 73' and Spain made it to the final for the first.time.ever! For me, semi final is the best game ever. The feeling of winning semi final is just..i don't know..somehow,greater than winning the final. Of course, winning semi doesn't  mean you already won but you've beat the odd and in final, that's a different story.
I celebrated like Spain already won the cup haha.

Final - La Furia Roja vs Oranje. Guess what Paul predicted?Win for Spain.haha.Paul and his "i-don't-give-eff-face" chose  to eat out off Spain's box. That gotta be a good sign right?wrong. I,por el contrario think that Paul's prediction will only jinx the team. I watched the game with one eyes closed and I think I died few times during the game. Referee Howard Webb refused to end the tournament without making a mark. Lets just say, he's card happy that night (or was it happy card? *_* ). The game went extra time and at 116', Andres Iniesta sent Spain to the moon (and came back). Iker Casillas cried like a 10 year old.Cried is a little understatement. He *wails* the moment Iniesta scored.

With that goal, Spain is now the winner of FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 and Iker sealed the win with a kiss *T___T*

This is my current wallpaper


This is the first time I saw the WC 2010 mascot and how cute is that cheetah. Folks, meet Zakumi, a mascot with an attitude (so appropriate!). Apparently, Zakumi is a jolly, self-confident, adventurous, spontaneous, and actually quite shrewd little fellow.lol.I love him already. I hope McDonald will have this mascot - they sold the WC 2006 mascot, Goleo and we bought it!

Behold, the Group of death is..Group G!!

South AfricaArgentinaEnglandGermany Netherlands Italy BrazilSpain
MexicoSouth KoreaUSAAustraliaDenmark ParaguayNorth Korea
UruguayNigeriaAlgeriaGhanaJapanNew ZealandIvory CoastSwitzerland
FranceGreeceSloveniaSerbiaCameroonSlovakia PortugalChile

So, what do you think of the grouping?Good?Bad? World Cup 2010 will see Brazil, North Korea, Ivory Coast and Portugal battle in Group Of Death,so to speak. That is going to be interesting seeing Kaka and C Ron in the same group. :) On paper, each group seems to have the "obvious" top two but this is football we're talking about.The beautiful game, the game where anything can happen. Its really exciting because with this draw, it marks the beginning of World Cup 2010.

My personal picks - let see if I have the talent to be a footbal pundit ~~ XD

A : France, Mexico
B : Argentina, South Korea
C : England, USA
D : Germany, Serbia
E : Netherlands, Japan
F : Italy, Paraguay
G : Brazil, Ivory Coast..never under estimate the power of the supporters!!
H : Spain, Chile

So, whats your prediction will be? Pick your team and stand your ground , I know I have mine :D
Spain NT
Spain : The Supreme Team :D
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04 December 2009 @ 12:41 am
Don't you just hate writer's block? I swear I have many things to share but as soon as I'm inserting my livejournal password *poof* its all gone!!so before I run out of ideas I'd better start typing like crazy @__@

Tiger Woods cheating ass surprisingly leaves me..depress
I'm not being a drama queen but I literally feels shitty today after reading Woods's extra marital activities.I am not passing judgment or anything its just the news brings me down because I picture Woods as this honest family guy with super talented golf skill or whatever. But who am I kidding? Men will be men..

Why do men cheat?I remember watching Oprah discussed about this and Dr Phil said 2 out of 3 men cheat.That's a pretty scary figure I tell you. Being married myself, being cheated is the last thing you want to deal in a marriage. I can take financial difficulties, house work burden or even going for some time without sex but being cheated is just unacceptable.I always remind myself that nobody is immune to affair or being cheated or even cheat but prevent is better than cure right so that is why I always tell my husband that if he ever cheat on me, I'll leave him and take the kids and if he's lucky I'd probably kill him. Sounds crazy? Its even crazier to feel nothing when your husband is sleeping with someone else.

So,there! now that I've let everything out, guess what, I do feel better and tomorrow is Friday.Yes, TGIF!!!

Happy Birthday David Villa

Technically it was yesterday (3rd Dec ) but since its still 3rd Dec in Europe, I'm just gonna put this. Yeah, Senor BitchFace is 28 y.o y'all.
OHAI Nando honey, I miss you..
28 August 2009 @ 11:24 am

Finally,the Champions League is back beetches!! This is where the REAL competitions lie.Don't get me wrong -BPL, La Liga, Bundesliga and Seria A are good but watching the Champions league is such an adrenalin rush.All the best teams battle for the UEFA Champion title.

The draw in full

Group A: Bayern Munich,Juventus, Bordeaux , Maccabi Haifa
I root for Juve since Cannovaro is back in the team >.<

Group B: Manchester United, CSKA Moscow, Besiktas, Wolfsburg
CSKA Moscow is quite good no?

Group C: AC Milan, Real Madrid, Marseille, FC Zurich

Group D: Chelsea, Porto, Atletico Madrid, Apoel FC
Sergio 'Kun' Aguero better deliver or else Maradona will drop him from NT!!

Group E:Liverpool, Lyon, Fiorentina, Debreceni

Group F: Barcelona, Internazionale, Dynamo Kiev, FC Rubin Kazan
Pep vs Maurinho!

Group G: Sevilla, Rangers, VfB Stuttgart, Unirea Uriziceni

Group H: Arsenal, AZ Alkmaar, Olympiakos, Standard Liege

Here's the Complete Group stage Match fixtures (PDF file so that you can print it out XD)

Lets play some bet,which team do you think gonna make it into top 16??
Group A: Bayern Munich, Juventus
Group B: Manchester United, CSKA Moscow
Group C: AC Milan, Real Madrid
Group D: Chelsea, Atletico Madrid
Group E:Liverpool, Lyon
Group F:Barcelona, Internazionale
Group G: Sevilla, Rangers
Group H: Arsenal, Olympiakos

and Congrats to the winners;
20 August 2009 @ 03:25 pm
EPL : Burnley 1 - 0 Manchester United

Dude,MU got burned by Burnley and that totally make anti-Mancs day!
I don't know how the hell I got all hyped up this season.As far as I can remember,at this stage for 08/09 season,I have no idea the games had already started - but this year,I have two fantasy football teams to manage and its stressing me out.No wonder Rafa is such a grumpy guy.

Yeah,as I mention I have two teams for fantasy football - one is in Facebook which involved a lot of trash talk and even a kaki bangku can get higher point/rank than you.The other one is for Stadiumastro Fantasy Game which offer 50k winning prize.Keeping up with the games and thinking which player you should line up is one hell of a stressful task and my husband don't even care.crap!

Here's the tips and trick that I can find..
  • Try to choose forwards or point getting players when they play teams at the bottom of the table.---RLY??
  • Drop player if they lose points in the week prior. You can always go back and pick them up again for the now lower price.
  • Watch injury reports and suspensions - this can often be difficult to keep up with because changes can take place at the last minute but will save you from losing points when players aren't playing.--I picked  Vidic and bam!he's out with injury.damn!
  • Take a look teams of the week to discover new players. -- Nah,Too lazy
  • The stars win the points in the end - meaning Rooney, Ronaldo, Anelka, Drogba, and so on. But don't spend all your money on a too many stars, maybe have one or two. -- I have Torres and Carra and Anelka and Almunia and idontknowevenknowhesexist XD
  • Check whose playing at home - that's a big advantage.---again,RLY??
  • Again, the stars win you the points, so pick them up when their cheap - that means early in the year or when they're returning from an injury.--I don't think that applies.Owen and Keane has the same price
  • Watch players on a streak - try to grab them before their stock rises. This goes for teams too, say a new team hasn't let in any goals and are playing well, their backline and goalie are not letting in goals.
  • Tell your friends to get a team and then you can compete with them.
  • Grab a couple sleepers. Basically good players who put up a lot of points, but don't cost a lot. Sometimes these are players who the year before were injured and by not playing as much saw their value decline.
  • Have one wild card each week, a player that you're taking a big chance on.  Could be a player making their debut or a player playing their former team--they always seem to score on both occasions.
  • Take a chance on a keeper. Say you think a keeper is up to the task of holding off one of the big teams, Manchester United or Chelsea.--Vandersar is OUT,thank god I picked Almunia.lol
  • The opposite of this is to select all the forwards for a big club when they play a weaker team.--does not apply to ManU I tell you.They always end up losing to weaker team.
  • Visit various soccer forums that discuss fantasy soccer and offer great inside information and tips, forums such as BigSoccer, or just type in 'fantasy soccer tips', in BigSoccer's search console.
So,anyone has any tip on who should I pick,tweet me aite.If I win the 50k,we'll divide by undisclosed percent XD
23 July 2009 @ 03:07 pm

My little boob monster turns one today! Happy birthday baby!!
He still can't walk but there are few times I saw him attempting to walk but then got down on his knee(to crawl).heh..I guess I have no worries since children are like that,their progress differ from one to another.I exclusively breastfeed him until he was 8 months and when I started going back to work,hell it was hard.He cried 3 straight days at babysitter's house and forcing us to hire a (day)maid instead.Although he does take formula milk but very little - it makes my mom worries but I'm not cause I know by the time I got home,he will breastfeed every two hours.So I guess his body adjust to feeding in the evening instead of the usual day time.
How do I know he's well feed? He's 12 months and weight 10kg! >.<
I hope he will grow up to be a good son and won't give us too much headache - you know,second child syndrome + he's a boy.I'm just gonna trust our parenting skills and judgement and hope he turn out good.So to Faris ;
Happy 1st Birthday baby!!
We love you to bit and pieces.
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20 July 2009 @ 09:28 am

Thanks to my BFF aka Scouser Babe (Ironic!),we managed to get 2 training passes  to Manchester United - Asia Tour 2009 >.<
Although it was totally last minutes - she called at 445pm and it was Friday but I still rushed home and Hubby even came back early so that we can make it to the training session.The training started at 530pm but we only managed to arrive by around 630 I think but hey,it was good enough.
This was my second time watching ManU in Malaysia.Back in 2001 when good ol' Ole Gunner was still running around the pitch and OMG Beckham was still a Red Devils,Yes - I was there. I don't know if its because of my love to ManU is pure (roll eyes) or it is just plain luck - both occasions was effort from friends.All I do was thinking how nice it would be if I can be there - cheering for my fave football team.Maybe its the power of the Secret.aha!

We only went for the training session this time because it was suicide enough to bring your kids to the half filled stadium for training session , let alone going for the match.So, we just watch it from Stadium Astro and hey,no regret at all.Congrats to team Malaysia for scoring 2 goals against the Red Giants Devils and if they keep the same spirit/effort that they have now - I bet Malaysia will gain its reputation back (and actually improve our international ranking)

Since ManU had to cancel their match with the Indonesian team,they will have a second match today at 845pm.How lucky can we get? Two games in 3 days? but again,moi won't make it since hubby is off to some island for some work course/seminar.sigh.

p/s : Owen wearing number se7en.any thoughts?
06 July 2009 @ 01:37 pm
Wedding Weekend
The weekend was crazy!Although tiring but it was fun though.We left Puchong at 10am and hoping to arrive in Batu Pahat around 130pm.Armed with the map inside the invitation card,we drove with uncertainty and hope that we won't end up arriving in Singapore instead! We took the Tangkak exit thinking that we could save some time and but the road was long and boring and only the fruitfull rambutan trees along the way kept us from turning back into highway.Muar has hell lot of Parit I'm telling you,Parit Yusof la,Parit Jawa la,Parit Sulong la..phew,had hard time keeping up with all these parits.We arrived in Batu Pahat around 130pm - park somewhere and changed to our baju kurung.Batu Pahat was wayyy 'urban' compared to Muar.That was my first time in BP and wish I had a chance to go to the famous Batu Pahat Beriani Gam restaurant.After staying for 1 hour,we decided to head back to KL until hubby suggest that we make a stop at Melaka.

We arrived in Melaka around 530pm and we went straight to Jonker Street.The place was crowded as usual I guess.Kakak was excited to see the beca that she insist we rode one.Demi anak tersayang,aku bagi je la dia naik ngan mak sedara dia.RM10/beca per round with special request ; pasang lagu Lucky masa naik beca.lol
Love Bug!
Jonker Street is EVIL!They have lots and lots of pretty unique stuffs and I'm so gonna come back!Travelling with 2 toddlers is not easy therefore after making on elong walk down the Jonker Street, we head out to Kota Laksamana for the famous Asam Pedas.I don't know if the asam pedas is really *that* delicious or its just me being hungry - I finished 2 whole plates.
At first the though we gonna check in but since its only 930pm and we just had our dinner,we head home instead.Melaka was really good place and I'm sure gonna make a trip down there again and visit all the historical place.oh,and the Eye on Malaysia too!

Micheal Owen to Manchester United
I knew Fergie has some kind of master plan when he sold Cristiano Ronaldo but I just can't imagine this 'plan'.Bringing Owen to ManU breaks a lot of Scousers heart and I don't care! Why?cause we can only imagine the "fight" between Rafa and Fergie next season.Can't.Wait!
Source : BBC News

"I want to thank Sir Alex for the faith he has shown in me and I give him my assurance that I will repay him with my goals and performances."

By the way,the new kit totally inspired by Ultraman Taro.haha
02 July 2009 @ 01:39 pm
The Internet connection is so slow I swear I'm about to die of waiting for page to load I've continue my broadband.yay!.
I've tried to upload pics to my Facebook since morning and its keep getting stuck at the 3rd pic(of about 6 pics!).I canceled the uploading half way and the next thing I know,I have 4 albums(with the same name) with zero pix.Dammit! Now I have to delete those and I reckon its gonna take my another 5 hours!Moving on..

Transformers 2: Revenge of The Fallen
The last time I went for a movie was a year ago.Yes,believe it people.Last movie yang aku tengok,the one with Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz(my fingers actually type Demi Moore when my brain still looking for the info,creepy)-talks about cache memory!LOL.Owh,I remember..What happen in Vegas.Yes,itu la last movie yang aku tengok kat wayang.
Whats my 2cent? MIND-BLOWING! No kidding.I went there with zero expectation and damn it was good.Shia is hilarious!(my mind keep flashing to his Even Steven years).The effect was jaw-dropping and if I weren't sitting next to this gorgeous twin,I swear I would have cried when <i>tut-tut</i> died.haha.yeah,I know you hate spoilers so there you go.Tapi yang x bestnya,tengah-tengah cerita tu the screen went blank.WTF???
BumbleBee gotta be my favorite Autobots and RAVAGE scares the hell out of me.All the hype about Megan Fox and her hotness - its true.Won't share too much info but thanks to her,my husband is one happy man.

Spain losing to USA in Confederation Cup Semi-Final
That,had to be the biggest upset in football history.Heck,even in sport history.How the hell can they get their asses kicked by USA by 2-0? But then,its only Confed Cup.Lets hope this defeat will bring Spain back to earth after 35 games unbeaten and train harder and actually winning the 2010 world Cup!I guess settling at 3rd place was good enough and kudos to Brazil for winning the Confed Cup 2009 by beating USA 3-2.Actually,my props goes to USA.True underdog story I tell you.

Shinizzle's Blog turned 5
OMG!http://dreamfight3r.blogspot.com turned 5 years old.Congrats to Sha for the devotion and rambling and the pic spam.Its been one fun ride so far.That's what I like about blogging.Although you're world apart but when reading these blogs,you kinda feel you're THERE.Feeling what they're feeling.
And owh,Welcome back to Mamaikmal aka KZack.Its about time you update your blog.hehe

Oh Shit!I just realized I didn't let the page finish loading and guess what?No POST button.Bitch!

New Toy!
Say Hi to these guys.
Sony Ericsson W705
Nokia XpressMusic
The last time I bought NEW handphone was 8 years ago.I've never been a fan of keeping-up-with-the-latest-handphone but since we have few thousands to burn,so we decided to get new phone.It was torturing.all these gadgets are EVIL I tell you- price,design and specs.
At first I wanted Sony Ericsson C905.The phone has 8.1 Mpxl!How wicked is that and hubby wants the XpressMusic.Its so happen that there's Handphone Fair going on and guess where it is?At the mall,right beside my office.Sweeetttt.The best price for C905 is RM1.5k and being a cheap skate I am,I opt for somthing else..with one thing in my mind-Must.Have.WiFi. After much considerations,I choose W705 and me likey!
Hubby did got himself the XpressMusic and after playing with it for few minutes it hit me that - OMG!I totally want an XpressMusic too!Daman,Damn,damn!Shit,shit,shit..but whatever it is,I still like my phone and his phone is my phone and my phone is my phone.lol

Okay then,I have 4G of memory card to fill with songs,songs and songs.>.<
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11 June 2009 @ 01:24 pm
Guess who's song I've been listening to lately..Frank Sinatra.Yeah.That either tell me that a) My taste of music just upgraded or b) I got old.Speaking of,I've posted my status in FB that read :
singing along to Frank Sinatra,gosh I'm old..

after few sarcastic/encouraging comments,one of my close friends from high school (more like ex-close friend) wrote..

maybe kot...
jaga sket muka tue...
cm tak jaga jer..

I know a true friend will say honest things and you're suppose to accept/listen to them with open heart and all.Well in this case,to hell with him.He sees me once a year and we hardly speaks on the phone and he dares to say that to my face,technically its in Facebook but for me that's just same as saying it to my face.

For pete sake,I'm using Clinique-3-step-shit,religiously doing the routine every single day and if that wasn't taking care of my face enough..I don't know what will.He has no idea what I've been through that day.

666 is indeed evil.In this case,its 6/6/09 but same shit,we had 2 weddings to attend and both were worlds apart.One in Bangi and the other is in Gombak.As if that weren't chaotic enough, my in-laws was in town that day to pick up my SIL.
We went out at 9am,rushed to Subang Jaya to meet them at Mydin Mall.My SIL stays in that area.I'm not really crazy to meet my MIL.She's okay but she tends to nag,a lot.Knowing me,I hates people who talk shit.I despise them.I can accept it if you're saying something conscructive but with her,all you get is discouragement *sigh* but for my hubby's sake,I bit my tougue and listened.
Thank God we only met them for half and hour and after that,we headed to Bangi for the first wedding.
It was 1130am and armed with only his address,as expected-we got lost.After asking around,we managed to find the house and been out in the sun at 1230 noon is not adviseable especially if you have a 9kg-boob-monster clinging to you.But all was forgiven with really delicious food and super tasty ayam percik.yay!
We took off around 2pm and to our horror,the car's air-cond was out.T_T .Seriously,we just fixed it last month.What the hell?
Being good friends,we still brave the hot day and head to Gombak.Faris looked like he's about to get sunburned and he was sweating.poor baby.I literally felt like sitting in a hot oven.Panas gile!

Knowing MRR2 and its notorious traffic jam on any day - and it did jam on that day due to some serious stupidness of Malaysian's drivers-I can only pray that Faris won't start to throw tantrum and THANK GOD he was asleep all the whole trip.Maybe because he's too tired.Exactly at 330pm,we reached Gombak and with tired face and sweating all over,I walked into the wedding hall and dashed for the cold air sirap.I've made it..we've made it!!

Tell me,what kind of human being wont be looking tak bermaya after all that shits.Cakap senang la.Ko tu datang bawak telor je.Fakkit la.
Although it was tiring and shitty that day,I'm still glad we went there.After all,what is life without such drama!
And to Hana&Ajeem,congratulations.12 freaking years of dating and long distance relationship,you guys finally made it.I wish you both happy marriage and welcome to the club.<3<3

Faris : Adeh,panas tau..kena pakai kemeja lak tu

Macam tau je tema warna hijau!haha
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